I am a student of Media, Culture, Communications at New York University and I am also a student of Creative Writing and Psychology. I like to believe that writing is my passion and that language is the best thing man invented! I have written for as long as I remember and I went to a school that encouraged creativity above academics – love my parents for it!

There are too many bad things in life, and too many things go unsaid. In this blog I am going to write about the small and big things in life that matter, that no one has time to talk about, that no one has time to illustrate. No one has time to shout out the small things that transcent time – much like words can do. Little stories of the smallest moments of happiness, saddness, loss, surprise and disappointment flash on our faces everyday. I try to look for those in people around me and there is always a story to be told.

I plan to blog atleast once every fortnight and as my learning curve solidifies, I’ll have a better idea. Enjoy and do leave comments and suggestions wherever you feel like!


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  1. Great site, great design. Blends with what you’re trying to say
    Coming to what you’re conveying, interesting concepts. you should write more, let people see some intellectuality

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