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Going to College


Wrote this 2 years ago before starting college. it’s nice to read it now and think about that first feeling!

to new Beginnings!

The sun sets and my mind wanders to the full moon in the sky that is gleaming with its fresh victory. “It won’t be time before the sun beats you again”, I whisper to the delighted moon. It is the end of today and tomorrow marks a new beginning. 2nd September, the day I commence a new phase of my life. It is a new beginning, one that most people get, but only some respect. It marks the end of the part of me that came home at night to a family dinner, or the part of me who had everything she wanted moments after the words left her mouth. I was stepping into a new life – independence is a positive way to put it, loneliness the flipside.

Next morning I woke up and looked outside my window for the last time before I left home. The overwhelming excitement of a was start lost in the sudden realization that the beginning of college also marks an end. Will I ever live at home again? The beginning is a milestone, it’s a step to reach for more, to be more. Nothing is mapped out for you for tons of options – you can pick one.  Opportunities are given to a person, but how you walk on that path will mould you.

A beginning connects to an end so profoundly that their link forms time in itself. The beginning of a day is the end of a night, and the end of the day brings back the darkness in the sky. College is the next step in my life and since it will be crucial in shaping the road after, I have to step with my best foot forward. As I shut the door of my room for the final time, I come to terms with the end and look onto the horizon to the twilight of my start.

People may see the glass half empty, but the glass I see is half full.