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Music Then and Now


Since the 6th grade I have been listening to Metallica, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd – music that makes you feel something. In around the 12th grade, house & trance came in in a big way and I began to appreciate a new genre. Above & Beyond, Infected Mushroom, Armin van Buuren are some of the new artists I have grown to love.

I absolutely loved this comic strip because it speaks of music then and now. It’s not like the music now is not good, but I wish there was some way to tell everyone in the world that party music is not music that will awaken you, and music is such a treasure – each one of us should learn to treasure it. Music can change lives, just like words! 



Coming together and Dancing


Recently more and more events use music & dance as mediums to bring people together.

If you think about it, nor science, nor stories, nor soup kitchens can bring people together like Art.In my introduction I wrote about how I realized the power of words really early on, and it felt like I had been given a superpower.

Music and dance, I’ve realized aren’t just expressions of who we are (like most people seem to excuse them as), they are super-human powers that work on each and everyone of us at a higher level. When musical notes fall on your ears and you consciously stop thinking about anything, you transcend everything ordinary. That’s when you realize that art forms aren’t only one person’s expression – it is the our collective expression of the limitations of our consciousness.

There is no class, no religion, no colour, no caste, no prejudice, no hate – nothing. It is that moment where your brain isn’t thinking, but it is realizing for the first time what it is like to be numb and feel at the sametime. It is that moment where you are beyond your physical body while uniting with it in a peculiar way.

Art possesses a power over human beings that we’ll never be able to comprehend. We’re going to be slaves to our instincts till the end of our existance – and anyone who sees this as an insult hasn’t felt music touch the surface of their skin.


When I am dying and the happiest moments of my life flash before me, the moment I lost myself in the sounds of Sunburn ’11 will make me feel like this life was worth living.

To music that sets you free – to music that you cannot fathom the power of – to music that makes you feel powerful & powerless in the same instance.   

Music with Wings